1. Billy Seatsniffer

    Ever notice how when women say “self sufficient” they mean the exact opposite of what men think it means? A self sufficient man gets a job and pays his bills…a self sufficient woman finds a man to pay her bills.

    Responses from angry fat women to follow in 3…2…1

  2. Barry

    They are all scumbag whores

  3. Randal(l)

    These whores are making it harder and harder to believe there is a God.

    get Aids and die


  4. Is this one of those optical illusions where your supposed to see a semblance of a person if you look hard enough?
    Cuz I can’t see one.

  5. bell

    I knew it.. I have the sneaking suspension that one of those dudes is Khloes daddy. On their show once Khloe insisted that they do a dna test to see if Kris was her mom. Wrong parent missy.

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