1. Terrie

    I read Kris Jenner’s book. I did NOT BUY it, I rented it from a librar. I would NOT PAY to make that family any wealthier and I would NOT PAY to read such poor writing and a poor excuse to get a book out! It was the most narcassistic, boring, bragging and pathetic book I have ever read. As usual, it was the “all about me” story full of details about all the men that loved her, could not live without her and what they gave her, did for her and all that me, me , me crap.
    The only thing that makes some sense in her book is that now her “fans” and the world that has been drawn into all the lies and greed of the Kardashian/Jenner saga/dramas is that Khloe MAY not be from the same father as the rest of her kids!?? Now we know WHY Khloe LOOKS so different from all the rest?
    What do all of YOU think?

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