1. Betty Retzlaff

    Why should Kendall be any different from her sisters?I think they are all over rated.

  2. Lisa

    She is a gorgeous girl but looks very uncomfortable IMO.

  3. Nicks

    She is very pretty, but she needs to be careful of what photo shoots she chooses. Unless she doesn’t mind the constant criticism.

    And hopefully she doesn’t continue looking older than she is…then her “career” will be over by the time she’s 20.

  4. iham

    Daughters might all be pathetic dumb whores but they have or will all have an ass load of money and be able to do whatever they want in life so they’re one up on anyone here.

  5. Annie

    Whats the matter with her modelling , Rachel Hunter started when she was 16 and has done well for herself, and done a good job of raising her children,Give Kendall a break, if she wants to go for it ,she makes a great model ,very pretty and is a down to earth girl with parents like Kris and Bruce Jenner doing a great job, and yes they are a close family.

  6. Jack Schitt

    Seriously, implants already?

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