1. DannyBoy

    Why does this look a lot like Eric Bana with boobies?

  2. msknoitall

    Kris Jenner isn’t just a stage mom on steroids…she’s more like a pimp and her children are her working girls. I don’t thinks she’d pay them much attention if they weren’t making her money, which is why she favors Kim over the less profitable others. Since Khloe wasn’t pretty enough to make money, she did the next best thing…sell her off to the highest bidding big dumb pro athlete… This whole family is dysfunctional…but you have to give them credit for having good marketing game, but not much else positive can be said about them. I for one will be glad when pop culture’s fascination with these no talents is over…and they’re but a faded memory of the past. Regarding the teen in the skimpy bikini…shame on both her parents…and her too.

  3. TerryLea

    Well, since she is putting her body out there, I guess it’s okay if we critique it. Is it an optical illusion or are her hands gigantic? Maybe they just look exceptionally big sitting on top of those shapeless snake hips. But hey, she is only 15. She has years of plastic surgery ahead of her to get things right. Maybe her legs should have been airbrushed or did the photography make them look so molted? Looks like Groucho Marx eyebrows but longer horizontally. I see she is trying to incorporate her sister Kim’s vapid face pose but I guess it’s hard to be that insipid and vacuous looking at that age. Practice makes perfect. Just do it over and over in every single pose a gazillion times like Kim and you’ll get there.

    Kendall, isn’t it fun reading what people think about the way you look? Quick, go huddle with the family and let them tell you it’s just the jealous haters that say truthful things about your appearance and let them reassure you of your beauty. But, you must believe them or you will be spending most your life in therapy. Oh wait, you and your sisters are already in therapy. Nevermind.

    Put some clothes on and quit looking like slut. Do something different with your life. Why go down the same road your sisters have blazed? Be unique.
    People are making fun of you and I know how you care about what people think because your career demands it. Slutty , underage models are a dime a dozen. Break away from the pack. It’s not too late. You don’t have to do this. You don’t have to be another family joke. You can be different. It is possible. And remember, white boys make good boyfriends, too.

    • betty barnes


    • Taylor

      you are such bitch. How could you tear apart a 15 year old girl like that when your probably sitting on your ass looking 15 times worse?Keep your holier than thou attitude in the hole you probably crawled out of and think about how the things you say can affect people. This girl is gorgeous and even though you or I may not agree with her decisions or the decisions of her family but sitting on your computer tearing down her body doesn’t exactly make you an angel now does it?

  4. Elizabeth Evans

    I agree totally with TerryLea don’t go down the same path and you will be able to love yourself when your older.I know it’s all made up for TV but it comes accross as very real . Really I feel sorry for the who bunch of Kardashian’s especially Kim. For whatever she got for that video she will always be looked at as a whore /porn star. I seen you on Access a little while ago and thought you were very pretty, nothing like the rest of them.Make your own honorable life All the best to you.

  5. Jorge

    Well obviously she got a boob job, the roundness of her boobs is unnatural and not just attributable to teenage “perkiness.” What a shame for a young woman. Well done Kardashian family. Your famewhoring knows no bounds.

  6. Tenesha

    Her boobs are too big and round for a girl her age and in her body weight. Its either that her family genetics plays a role and she got her sister, Kim’s, giant boobs, or her breasts are more than likely Photoshopped to look bigger than they really are. I think she is cute, but she looks somewhat like Khloe, which is not a good thing. Her face is a little fugly but nothing that makeup won’t fix. She is not as fugly as “shrek” aka Khloe, who managed to find a black man that actually likes that face. But I still think that Kim is the cutest.

  7. Tenesha

    …oh and she got man hips.

  8. kris jenner is not a mom, she did not nurture her kids, she is a pimp

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