1. Dingo

    she looks better than her fat ass sisters. she’ll probably be a fat pig in 10 years too.

  2. firstofthefallen

    Move her to a state where 16 is legal!

  3. Ditty

    …Uhh, Me English is not so good. How do you say, ” hit it and quit it”?

  4. SIN

    Her mom doesn’t care about legalities. All Kris cares about is MONEY!!
    She is now pimping out Kendall for whatever she can get.
    I am waiting for Kris to hook Kendall up with another mediocre athlete, get pregnant just so Kris can be in another reality TV show.

  5. Jack

    BLECH! Lookit all that cellulite!

  6. Venom

    The law tells me that I should not be attracted to her, so I am not….

  7. maeby

    She looks fine. She looks 16 and healthy/happy. She would be wearing that too the beach anyway, why not get some cash out of it, right?

    Jack, what fucking picture are you looking at?? She does not have cellulite. You wanna see cellulite?? stand behind me!

    • gumption

      No 16 year old should be wearing a bikini top showing parts of her boobs. Second, no 16 yearold should take “sexy” pics and have them all over print and the internet. Kris jenner is indeed, a shitty mom.

  8. Jelloholio

    Kris is responsible for pimping out the other girls for about $65 million last year, so why not Kendall too?

  9. JANE

    I think Kris is a genius, people hate on her because they think she is exploiting her children. The truth is, her family is in a situation where millions of people truly care to watch their every move… are you telling me your mom wouldn’t want you to take advantage of this, make a name for yourself so you are financially well off for literally the rest of your life? Give me a break all you stupid haters… you are just jealous that her family is oozing with success, no matter how that success came to be… its there and thats that. For you to think Kris is a bad mom because Kendall is starting to be taken seriously as a legit model? HELLO.. every super model has started when they were 15 or younger, and they wore the same stuff if not worse, to make a pretty picture. If her kids have what it takes to succeed in this business, she would be stupid to not allow them to explore their opportunities. I personally think she is a great mom, and her sole purpose for everything she does and ever has done, is for her children.

    People need to get a life.

  10. Tory

    I would take her in two more years, lol. She’s beautiful.

  11. Rob

    You guys suck. This girl is ok looking, but not model material. Does this mean anyone with money and halfway decent can be a model? Do Will Smiths kids actually have talent? NO! Riding on the coat tails of their wealthy parents. I hope this kid fails, in fact Im sure she will. Skinny bitch. They were gonna make the ugly brother a model. Kim Kardashian is hot and I wanna do her (if she stays slim and before shes 33) but they all have no talent. you people worship them and this skinny broad cause youre all sheep. I pity you.

  12. Bobby Dee

    Oh man, I bet her thing is so hot and grippy!

  13. Nik

    dude it looks like she already has small breast implants!

    • Jillia

      Those are called small but perky 15 year old boobs. It amazes me how warped people’s perception of the female body is.

      • jennilove

        Seriously Jillia!!!!!! You dont know the female body!!!!! Believe me, when a girl is that small…. the boobs are NOT that round and that perky….. I was and am still that small and its not natural to have voluptious round boobs when you are that skinny…. Obviously, a skinny girl can have big boobs but natural boobs are NEVER that round…. THEY are called implants!!!! Being a female, I can’t believe you actually think they are real. AND, I’m not hatin’ or jealous b/c I like the Kardashians…. I’m just being REAL!!! I have friends w/ implants ands its just obvious….

  14. larry

    hey, id fuck her

  15. mel gibson

    jenni your a retard!!!

  16. mel gibson

    whats obvious is that you have shitty little pancake tits. and they are round because of the bikini top

    its differnt then them there cut offs and half shirts

  17. xxaa


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