1. Matt

    Chris Hansen be damned! I’ve got wine coolers!

  2. quickrick

    Just a matter of time before those armenian genes kick in and make her body way too voluptous… Cute chick though…

  3. adolf hitler

    she looks a little like khloe. poor thing.

    • OnTheRealThough

      Naaaaaaaaa…i think she’s gonna be the best looking of all the sisters.

      Very good-lookin girl. Hope she doesn’t screw up along the way.

  4. OrnerySpade

    She looks like one of those drugged up lions you can get your picture taken with in Mexico.

  5. me

    I dont know how can people be such hypocrites. Most models out there are 16, and some start at 11/12! shes the right age to start modeling, given most models dont have a career past 25.

  6. Dick Master

    hmm. . .look ok to me. Not overly whorey. Yet.

  7. Bahlder

    Her life was fucking ruined before she was even born. What a shame.

  8. Sixteen? Shit! paf-paf-paf.

  9. She is pretty. I wonder if the other older sisters would go out with my ex, Jack Morley, who only has a 3 inch hard-on?

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