1. lawn

    Come on, if I wanted to look at the rear end of a heifer I’d go for a drive in the country.

  2. joe

    The only way this could be a malfunction would be if the skirt stayed down.

  3. Not pictured: Kris Jenner lying on back with a leaf blower

  4. dark angel

    Jessica Alba did this way better.

    FYI clicking on the main article link gives a 404 not found

  5. Raoul

    “Damn you, taco night!” Brrrrrrraaaaapp!

  6. Sheppy

    Yay! Mommy panties!


  7. fred

    fuckin slut whore tramp

  8. Daytonadixie

    Can you read between the line? (insert joke)

  9. bassackwards

    Nothing more than Trailer Park Trash! Amazing how their triumphant moments all seem to require flashing some part of their bodies….. FAMEWHORES ALL!

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