1. How nutritious is silicone anyway?

  2. rubyskye

    she looks great, it’s good to see a mother embrace her post pregnancy body. Unlike her sister who is prob on hideout recovering from some nip tucks

  3. some black guy

    as much as the Kardashian’s annoy me I have to admit, Kourtney is Very sexy and beautiful

  4. Odbarc

    “Can babies drown in breast milk?”
    Doctor: “No.”
    “Then why is she constantly gagging?”

  5. Kris Jenner must be livid that they aren’t going to take pictures of the kids.

  6. Little Tongue

    You can already tell that this baby girl is a Kardashian just by looking at her huge butt, I bet she’s quite hairy too.

  7. Mama Pinkus

    I can never figure out what exactly the Kardashians take vacations FROM.

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