1. Well good lord – she’s 60, whaddya want? If she had a face lift, people would be bitching about that. Pick your poison, people.

  2. Dude of Dudes

    On the bright side she’s got plenty of room to store cheeseburgers for winter.

  3. cc

    Looks like someone hung their Christmas stockings out early…on her face.

  4. Meh

    She’s meeeeeeeeeelting!!!

  5. Rayray

    I’ve seen those hands before……oh yeah Freddy freakin Krueger

  6. Hakuin

    She looks like Aughra…

    Go on deny it, she was just out helping Jen on his quest.

  7. She reminds me of that alien in “Men in Black 2″. The one with testicles hanging from its chin.

  8. KC

    It’s actually Tom Cruise in one of those Mission Impossible masks.

  9. Eviltweety

    She can’t catch a freaking break…she’s like 60yrs old! Everyone ragged on her for being fat, (only about 6yrs out of 60?) Then she loses the weight and there’s something else to pick on..if she were 25 and looking/doing all this go ahead..hell, I give her credit for putting herself through it at her age!

  10. Marc

    At 60 years old the only thing I’ll be doing is excepting what time has done to my body and focus on my hobbies and personality. Let alone be on a diet and dancing every week in front of millions and be followed around by stalkers or having my personal life in printing for a life time. If I were her I’d buy a place of solitude for as much as I’m worth and say fuck you America.

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