1. So close to disaster.

  2. Dammit how bout the upskirt just this once!!

  3. nahhhhh

    Wow, they’ve really spruced up the interior of these whaling ships.

  4. Phil

    Man, she used to be so beautiful and sexy.

  5. walnut

    tricks with perspective can be a cruel mistress.

  6. TurtleMama

    She’s full of shit. She’s not a size 12. A size 22 maybe. She’s 5’9″ and was claiming she weighs under 200 pounds. Bullshit. She’s got cankles bigger than most peoples’ thighs. Just be honest, Kirstie. It’s okay to be a big gal.

  7. GingleJanglez

    AH! Kirstie Alley is giving birth to twin porpoises! Oh wait those are her legs.

  8. Blech

    Em, Kirstie? You’re not a size-six with those calves, which are the size of my upper thighs.

  9. Six?!?!? On a scale of what–a thousand?

  10. Jovy
    What I heard when I saw this picture.

  11. KC

    Once again, celulite saves the vision of hundreds of Superficial readers.

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