1. still hit it

    size 6 my ass……her right ass check is a six

  2. robin

    there’s no damn way shes a size 6, size 14, maybe, 6 no fing way.

  3. gaudi

    I am a size 4 and unless sizing is exponential she is far from a 6. And if she ever gets down to a 2, well, bless her, but it is just another sign of the apocalypse.

  4. That’s funny, the men around here don’t start compulsively oversharing and begging for validation whenever there’s a picture of Kevin Federline.

    • kay

      That’s because nobody cares about Kevin Federline. Besides, he knows he’s fat and doesn’t pretend to be thin like Kristie. However, she does look better than she has in a long time!

  5. Noel

    i think she meant size 16.

  6. Noel

    or she has reverse body dysmorphic disorder.

  7. s.drizzy

    If she’s a six then my pants must be around my ankles right now.

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