1. b4n4n4ph0n3

    When you starve yourself for long periods of time, your brain chemistry starts to change. This can make it difficult to think clearly, effects memory, causes rapid mood changes, etc. Therefore I totally believe she’s stopped eating, because that’s the only way she could possibly believe she’ll ever be a size 2 again; it’s just not realistic, and not necessarily ideal for someone who’s (estimated to be) 5’8″.

    And a size 6 now? Bitch, please. Even tripling up on Spanx wouldn’t get those cankles through the bottom of a size 6 dress.

  2. Anon

    She’s a size 6 if 6 were 14 and you were really bad with numbers.

  3. angela

    uh hello, if thats what a size 6 looks like, i stopped wanting to eat, too.

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