1. Kissinger

    I think this is just photo trickery. She is in the shade here but if you look at her in the sun you see she is not that pale. Either someone had there white balance set to auto or the sun likes to mess with the Dunst.

  2. kissingerisdumb

    “the dunst” officially claims that you are “THE DOUCHE”


    Why are there no pics of her ass? Does Kirsten have a nice ass? She looks pretty damn hot from the front!

  4. Fawks

    I know she’s not what we consider “hot”. But for some reason every time I see her I get an irresistable urge to stick my bare penis in her, fill her up and father many children with her!
    Even as I type this boner is raging and hot for little snaggletooth Kiki.

  5. Maurice St Claire

    pink and pale ,it’s the holy grail !

  6. dan plapp

    she needs to gain about 30 pounds to be doable. now that brunette friend of hers is a sexy young woman

  7. prettypoison

    Cute bikini but she is just too pale, too white skin looks dirty and unhealthy, IMHO. A mystic tan would do her good, help out her plain jane features as well.

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