1. GUY

    damn. That pregnancy did wonders for her breasts. Great looking body. Id take her over Kim…if she hadnt squeezed out a melon already.

    • Urbanspaceman

      She didn’t “squeeze out” anything. These celebutard moms don’t have labour, they have scheduled c-sections. I bet a lot of women would like to know exactly what it is they do that leaves them with absolutely no post-partum stretch marks.

      • Court

        She didn’t have a c-section, it was shown on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

      • Victoria

        seriously! who is the tard now? know your shiz before you dish it.
        if you watched the show maybe you’d actually know who these women are and that kourtney pulled the child out of her on vagina. no c-section.

      • Jen

        the c section doesnt prevent stretch marks…wtf are you talking about?

      • Jen

        P.S, a lot of women already know exaclty what it is they do that leaves them with absolutely no post partum stretch marks… Coacoa Butter!

    • Jen

      First of all, it is not the “giving og birth” that gives your stretch marks. It’s the skin around the belly getting strechted too quick, that happens during the whole pregnacy. And second, why would a Hollywood mom want a c-section? They have to cut through your abdominal muscles and it is nearly impossible to get those back after. Third, they showed the damn birth on T.V moron!

  2. Stabby de Guard

    I only see Kim in pictures… she must look really hot in real life… wow shes so beautiful

  3. ortal

    that ass is SOOOO big! that just can’t be real! I’m serious..
    and this girl’s body has no muscles at all! and that makes her “going to gym.. i work out so hard!” tweets on Twitter pathetic and ridicules!
    i mean, where’s at all going, Kimi?
    she’s got pretty face, and she’s sexy – no doubt.
    as for Kourtney – she looks AMAZING! really hot body.. and she gave birth, like 6 months ago? :)

    • Daria

      I actually work out with her at bootcamp and I can tell you 2 things: in person she is skinny and her butt doesn’t look that big and second, she works out hard. Bootcamp is very difficult and she nails it every time. Don’t hate if you don’t know.

  4. claudia black

    these are some nices pics they look great

  5. Day booty makes mah mouf water.

  6. gunther

    QuikTrim wants their money back.

    And they should hire Kourtney.

  7. barkerman

    Those two are definitely pretty gals… but dayamn, that’s a lotta ass.

  8. Dr. Obvious

    Holy Shit that’s a big ass and yet it somehow looks firm. Freak of nature indeed.

    And is Kourtney now officially the hottest Kardiashian? Kim would still get it first for the ‘you might not get another chance at an ass like this’ factor but I might be the thinking about Kourtney the whole time.

  9. Jimmie

    Another obviously not planned photo shoot. Nice pictures though.

  10. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I like Kourtney KAKASHIAN HA HA HAA!

  11. Jen

    i want Kourtney’s trainer!

  12. Suz

    you swear, Kim has NOTHING better to do than to look at the comments idiots like you have to post right…

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