1. Verez

    Sweet Jesus.

  2. Matt Cale

    Can you imagine the size of the turds she pushes out that thing? I want to smear them all over my face.

  3. Randal(l)

    That thing has it’s own gravitational pull. Seriously, I can’t turn away….no really I’ve been trying to look away unsuccessfully for what feels like an hour.


  4. KayDog

    no matter where she sits down.. she achieves optimum comfort….

  5. Deano

    the first two pics WOW!!!!!!!! thats an ASS my friends!

  6. freddii66

    Now, if anything, this proves that God does exist.

  7. Sasha

    Kim is just gorgeous. Her face and body are perfection. I’m impressed at how toned Kourtney’s body is especially after having a baby!

  8. JonP17

    Just one question: How long does she take 2 wipe?

  9. You can see here that the bikini bottom has lost the fight & is now being pulled into & past the event horizon.
    Scientists all over are grateful for the opportunity to study this rarely photographed phenomenon.

  10. carla

    these shots were set up by the girls, then photoshopped and airbrushed, then sold…

  11. munster4x4

    That ass carries it’s own zip code.

  12. Hugh Gentry

    I would destroy that ass every night if she were mine. the only time my dick would leave her ass is if she had the hershey squirts.

  13. dee

    um WOW and you can’t even see any cellulite or dimples?!

  14. e-rock

    I actually feel sorry for her. This poor chick has absolutely no talent, so she tries to stay in the spotlight to stay relevant to make money by appearances. These pictures scream set up with papparazi, photo shopped (you can actually see the airbrushing to hide the celulite), and then of course sold under agreement of confidentiality. This chick is my age, and I can tell you, Im not jealous. I look ten times better in a bikini, but I don’t feel the need to sell my body for money. She needs to look inside herself for something more than this. Really. Everything about her is so fake, the ass (yes, they are implants, so are the boobs), the nose job, the lipo. Its sad. She just makes it worse by denying it all too. I have my boobs done, and can admit it openly. You got to expect people not to be fooled by perfect assets that look natural. sorry Kim, gigs up. Now GO AWAY

    • straight man

      dont be a jealous bitch.


      What REALLY sad is you taking the time to write a paragraph in this site.

    • smiffop

      yeahhh, but e-rock’s still right… it’s sad.

    • get a life..

      are you serious? you’re telling this girl to stop being fake when you’re on tellin people how you’re 10 times hotter and have fake tits?

      get a life bitch! you don’t feel the need to sell your body for money but you’re so obsessed with it that you’re compelled to shell out money so that people will stare at your fake-ass tits! get a life bitch!

      • elle

        u r soo stupid, so wats ur talent? getting fake boobs and writing a paragraph?
        kim kardashian is an enterpreneur, she is a model and she got her own reality show.. atlist she is making her own money.. and her ass is not fake..

  15. ym

    How come no one is talking about how great Kim’s tuck is? You can hardly tell at all.

  16. Emilay

    Oh hey never disappearing ass crack, nice to meet you. urgh. cover that shit up.

  17. HackSaw

    I’d hit em both.

  18. Kimberly

    Is her ass crack sweating?

  19. Thais

    i am not being mean but she has chicken legs
    from the bottom half ALL 3 look like TURKEYS
    I also agree with e-rock with regards to the the airbrushing and
    this shoot being arranged.
    anyways i think that they wear a lot of make-up then again the Armenian women love to pack on the blush and the pounds!

  20. Marico

    Oh, surgery scars for butt implants, that’s classy.

  21. Tara

    There’s not alot Kim can do about the size of her hip bones. Maybe she should just walk around in a tarp so people can’t see the shape of her body! People are so hard on Women! I never see Men”s bodies picked apart so viciously. Kim tries to make the most of what she’s got. Nobodies perfect. I’d like to see your naked asses in a closeup. Nothing to criticize there I bet!

  22. PTFunk


  23. Jamie Evans

    Fake nose.
    tons of botox to create a brow lift.
    Intense liposuction and other various laser treatments.
    Fake lips.

  24. Thais

    I’m a brazilian girl and I think her ass is ugly and fat. Don’t have a beautiful format, it’s simply ugly. It’s not like a feminine ass, is a fat one, and don’t matter how many cosmetic trataments she does, it’ll stay ugly intil she lose weight.

  25. bleh

    I want to clean her ass crack with my tongue.

  26. Vandinz

    That is some turd cutter. I bet it takes some wiping.

  27. Jonny

    I made the mistake of looking at this while I’m eating my lunch.

  28. and that’s where telephone poles come from.

  29. Lucky

    I now know where to hide my lucky charms…

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