1. Mister X


  2. Mister X

    Yowza – all hail Kim’s Ass!

  3. Breastfeeding rocks

    That’s what breastfeeding does for the female body! So do it !!!!!!!!!!

    • ignorance is bliss

      not it dont….. and if you watch the show (khloe and kourtney takes miami) you would see she worked out and cut on eating to the brink of passing out…..


    Kim is one of the most beautiful i have ever seen period all of her…….

  5. Who is Kim kidding? She is so plastic. Botox, nose, boobs, butt, lipo. You can tell by the unevenness of Kim’s abs….

  6. RJ

    These girls got more saddlebags than a troup of cavalry.

  7. Who looks better, kim or kourtney?

  8. venus2387

    uh yeah brestfeeding is a great way to lose the baby fat…..

  9. durhurr

    Shes had breast implants , she publicly addmitted it.

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