1. Me

    This picture makes no sense. Someone explain.

  2. Harry Doyle

    I’d pork the Kourt!

  3. Mel

    Her voice is sooo monotone,,, not sure if I could handle being around her all day… NO wonder she’s with that looser… I’d let her handle some business downstairs though:)

  4. Hugh Gentry

    holy shit her body is perfect

  5. L

    Liposuction does wonders…

  6. Dick Flex

    I always thought Kourtney was the hottest of the bunch

  7. j

    I thought Kourney was the one that had the baby..

  8. Moi

    WOW! Girlfriend’s looking good!!! Keep it up!!

  9. Jonny

    Kourt is the most beautfuil of the sisters Khole is the uglist lol

  10. Lynn

    What bothers me is that the k girls and other rich tramps run around and promote being stupid and acting and dressing like whores and get glamorized for it. The same kinda girls are doing it in every ghetto and trailer park in America. So why are the k girls so special. The millions of people that follow them just don’t make sense to me. Besides all the lying, cheating, thieving running this country these people are the reason this country is dying.

    • Anon

      To answer your question: ‘Cause her dad helped OJ get acquitted, leading to insane amounts of money, leading to her being an “it girl”/socialite, leading her to be bff’s with Paris Hilton, leading to her, when she was losing media attention, leaked a sex tape with some grade C hip hop guy.

  11. Anon

    leaking*, sorry

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