1. Humbert

    I think my eyes just died.

    • shokked

      k.. i don’t really understand why everyone loves her for her ass? she has no reason to be famous and her ass is huge.. ugly and fat.. the rest of her is pretty.. but no one should be praised for an ass that big..

  2. Naomi


    Kidding, she’s a pretty girl.

  3. HowiePheltur


  4. scarter

    What’s Kourtney doing w/Snooki?

  5. WOW what a ass! I like it!

  6. Parker Stevenson

    OMG, from the waste down from behind, for a moment there I thought I was looking at my ex, Kristie Alley — goshdarn is Kim ginormous!

  7. chupacabra

    how in the HELL is that ass so big. It doesn’t make sense proportionally with her body. It’s like a mutant ass… god help us all.

  8. Mel

    WOW,,, I like Kim and all, think she’s a hot chic, but all I see when I see her is her in that damn Ray J video!! lol!! Sorry, but she’s all plastic surgeried OUT!!! Come one folks… they HAVE to look good, we would all look amazing with a crap load of cash:) Trust me… Kim, sorry but your ass is too PHAT!!!

  9. froghammer

    And here’s my elevator thought post:

    “View full size”



  10. Scott

    What is everyone’s problem?? For an ass that big and round it looks pretty great!!

  11. Sanaa

    Stop hating, that’s perfection.

  12. balhder

    God DAMN

  13. Anonymous

    That is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen in my entire life.

  14. refried

    I fail to get the obsession with big asses. It looks awful now and is only gonna get worse as she gets older.

    • If by “awful” you mean “I have an urge to bury my face in it”, then I feel we might be on the same wavelength here…
      I love asses, I adore big asses, and that is one supernova of an ass.

  15. Pixie

    I bet a baby could come out of her sideways.

  16. Ray J

    Been there, Done that-

  17. Rumple Fugly

    LMFAO @ Pixie!

    Dang, look at that thing! That bathing suit can’t even contain the splendour that is her big ole ass! I would spray that thing down like a 3 alarm fire! :)

  18. Parker

    wow. I was totally transfixed for nearly 5 minutes. Maybe enraptured. It was like my eyes went to heaven but left the rest of me here in front of my computer. Fortunately the screen saver kicked in. Still feeling a little woozy. Whoever took that photo deserves an Oscar.

  19. eatme

    yep, i stared at this for a while. if she lost just a few more pounds she would be just absolutely perfect. the weird thing is, after i stared at her ass for a few minutes, once i looked away i saw the image of jesus everywhere everywhere i looked. how’d that happen?

  20. Tony Gabone

    How good would that ass look bent over as you thrust in and out of her……..gets me hard just thinking about it.

  21. Hard 4 Khloe

    She looks like a horse from behind. This bitch is famous why???

  22. RoniMikey

    I’ve got to admit, that ass is looking better now that she lost some weight.

  23. tez

    This is utterly glorious and I pity the sad, sad fools who can’t appreciate the perfection that is Kim Kardashian’s behind.

  24. datty

    ahh the wonders of lipo, tummy tucks and boob jobs….not that i would’nt hit either….need 2 bags over khloe’s head tho

  25. Emma

    good for her for finally ditching the sarong and just going swimming. It’s probably a publicity move (what am I saying!? defs a publicity move) but at least she’s not hiding it under some stupid sarong. it’s so-rong! Even though she annoys the crap out of me go her for just rocking her massive ass.

  26. fkg

    her fucking ass is wider than her shoulders WHAT THE FUCK

    • elle

      duh! its supposed to be like that.. she is a woman silly…
      and all u haters got no life, all u do is trying to make urselves better by bringing other people down.. grow up!

  27. I’m loving Armenia so much these days…

  28. stumpy

    don’ t it bother anyone the short bow legs?
    even the best ass needs a pair of gams ..
    i mean it’s 6 inches off the ground ..
    NOT my style ..
    i like a complete package & the plastic face & boobs very unattractive ..
    screams desperation ..
    ladies if you want respect don’t do it !

  29. I love that butt!!!!

  30. jester51

    Wouldn’t want to spend too much time with her but for a short while, 15 minutes or so, I would love to have that huge ass on her hands and knees waiting for me.

  31. M.A.

    That’s like the ass of a truck

  32. name

    she doesnt look that great without those stilettos, short and squatty

  33. cole

    i personally think that “thing” is amazing. just imagine standing behind it, sure it would be like cupping a mutant ass, but it is so round and she is a fit girl

  34. kim's ass lover

    I would be her slave, lick her ass up and down n clean her asshole everyday! lick her feet do anything shed say!!! I want her to sit on my face!

  35. rage

    just gorgeous!!

  36. p

    that thing is perfect!

  37. Mur

    Armenian woman always look like that,befor first child,then they can not fit in the door became a cows,they are need to work on thers sellulite tooo…

  38. Jim Marelli

    Hey Kim!. Yes, that bathing suit makes your ass look big. No wonder – YOUR ASS IS BIG! No cover the ugly thing up!

    Your friend,


  39. Aurealous

    Proving once again THAT she has the baddest ass in the galaxy!!! MMMMMMMMMMM……………….Delic!

  40. Jeffrey

    Kim Kardashian’s ass just looks wide, not shapely. It’s dropping also. I don’t really dig her because of all the plastic surgery on the face and body.

  41. Jimmy

    i wonder if her ass is hungry…. it seems to be eating her bikini

  42. likeness

    nice ass

    tools for sale

  43. mark

    What a wide load, the ass…the hips…the thighs…………is she the one playing football for the Saints??? At least we are getting a rear view and are sparred those fake boobs and ugly face!

  44. Jen

    DAMN! I haven’t seen it straight on like this before! No wonder…

  45. i loled

    ok an hour glass figure is nice but this is a fatass pear, gross

  46. B

    Nice ass, to bad she’s trash.

  47. Mike

    What a wide load! She looks like a man, might actually be a transvestite.

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