1. Verez

    Sweet Jesus.

  2. bi chick

    OMG this proves it…Kim K is PERFECT. Those who say she’s fat, are either anorexic or twice as fat.

  3. Scott

    Dudes …. come on…. who wouldn’t nail either one of them.
    Both of these girls are fricking HOT. Now Khloe ….there is a beast.
    Are we sure they came from the same womb????

    • April

      lmao Lamar like it lol she da onli one married n dey (kim n kourtney) stay gettin dogged publicly

      • joker

        cuz she married a white guy not some spade who uses women like kim n khloe …. now they cant get decent guys because they’re now Tainted

  4. Fifi

    I’m not anorexic or obese… and I still wouldn’t put my fake dick in Kim K.

    Kourt on the other hand… fuck yes.

  5. Mel

    I think they should all 3 do porn:) HEY they already have labels on everything else to mankind:) lol!!

  6. elliotspitzer

    I’d fuck both those biatches so hard, that when I finish, my whoremongering nuts would shrivel up like raisins due to a lack of nut juice. Then I’d lay down and read ancient Chinese porn while Kim’s sucks on my flaccid dick and Kourtney flickers her tongue ever so lighlty up and down the balls and shaft of my dick. Not too bad a fantasy, eh?

  7. ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    …it has its own gravitational pull that I cannot resist

  8. Kourt looking pretty fuckin HOT.

  9. Sugar

    Kourtney looks just amazing. Good for her! Inspiring to all the gross moms out there (like me.)

    • hu

      please do not be inspired by the kardashians. you’re a normal women, and they are plastic and lipo-ed. give yourself some credit for being a normal, down to earth mom. no need to look up to fake, plastic, money hungry whores.

  10. Davinci


  11. Moot

    Even though she is a complete whore, She has an amazing ass

  12. yogi bear

    Kourtney has the classic look from someone that just had lyposuction on their stomach and thighs. Been there, done that. if you keep eating and drinking the fat grows back, just different, so watch out Kourt.

  13. teabagger

    I hope they all get aids of the mouth. F the Kardashians.

  14. butterboo

    Sorry, just can’t respect that shriveled superficial shell of a human being inside Kim K. They make my insides crawl. Kim’s famous for having a rapper pee on her and for her dad defending O.J. F them all.

  15. yoyo

    wow, is anything real on kim? from head to toe, she is nothing but fake.

  16. kk

    when will these plastic whores go away?

  17. wow


  18. mike

    since when is plastic hot? there’s nothing real about these skanks. kim is a walking std. yuck.

  19. Wishbone

    Wow…how gross. I don’t see how anyone would find this ass appealing. Kourtney is much prettier and has a fantastic shape compared to the hippo beside her.

    • rage

      dude I can tell your a fat loser! Fat people are always snarling at the slightest ounce of fat. You obese, lipophobic loser! Get your fat ass up from behind the pc and lose some weight. That way you won’t be calling ppl who have a weight well withing their BMI a hippo.

  20. Velveeta

    Her rear is HUGE.

  21. RaraAvis

    I’ll bet if you blow in their ears you can hear the ocean.

  22. Becca

    Kim looks like a cartoon babe, and Kourtney’s face is amazing plain next to Kim’s.

  23. richardhungwell

    Kim – give me 3 hours with you and you’ll never want or need another man. A big ass like that needs a big d*ck to satisfy, right?

  24. discriminatin

    to the above comments worried about role models ..
    if the rags just started printing REAL foto’s and REAL news , the young kids would laugh their asses off ….
    whoever keeps the game goin’ doesn’t give a rats ass about kids ….

  25. Yep, both these gals got more plastic in them than a Lego factory! So, awesome!
    yup.. i just threw up a bit more.. nasty..

  26. John E. Kelly

    Both Lookin’ Very,Very, Super Hot…

  27. Petros

    Very sweet girls! If someone maybe is not Saxon is plastic for some of you. And
    Kim is hot woman. Kourtney is more lady!!!!

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