1. It had to be said

    Hey Kris, you broke it, you bought it. Good luck.

  2. The thing’s hollow—it goes on forever—and—oh my God—it’s full of stars!

  3. Cock Dr

    Click on “View Full Size”.
    I dare ya!

  4. TurkusMaximus

    airbrushed to hell!

  5. TurkusMaximus

    airbrushed to hell! look how unnaturally smooth her thighs are.

  6. JL

    I like big asses but that things just gross looking

  7. Cardinal Fang

    Don’t mistake my criticizing a woman for Iwouldn’tfuckherism

  8. Sexxxy Mami

    Did they only photoshop the right leg? Look at the left butt cheek where it meets her thight. Nasty! Her ass looks like a bag of wet laundry.

  9. Sexxxy Mami


  10. Jillia

    Wow, that is a painfully obvious photoshop job.

    Her ass just looks plain ridiculous here. I’m all for some curvy butt, but this is too much. But i gotta say, the ones where he’s holding her in the green bikini it looks tasty. ;p

  11. CC

    Ricotta Cheese!

  12. MJ

    There’s no way in hell that ass ain’t full of silicone.

  13. dork

    Dang, if I stuck my wiener in that it wouldn’t even get to the good part.

  14. UnholyKrep

    That looks asinine.

  15. sprezzatura


  16. IHatePoopinAtWork

    Looks like Kim and her Wookie sister fought over the Thanksgiving turkey and Kim won by swallowing it whole. That short tramp gets everything. Just you wait Wookie. In 10 years Kim’s ass will be rippled more than a Ruffles potato chip and you can wear the glass slipper (Nair your foot first).

  17. Alissa

    Worst photoshop job ever!! Show the real cottage cheese on that bum! Ewe!!!

  18. mia

    ok.thats not sexy. thats HUUUGEEEE

  19. J

    Photoshop for real. Superficial and Kim’s blog are both owned by Celebuzz. Not surprised in the least.

  20. She has had ass implants people! Her ass is fake like the rest of her. Google Kim Kardashian and butt implants and you will see her before and after her surgery pictures. This surgery runs 15-20 grand and you to can look like Kim. I have plenty of junk in my trunk and I don’t need a surgery like this. Some people where born with asses as flat as pancakes and Kim was one of them. The only Kardashian with a naturally gargantuan ass is Khloe because she is a freak of nature that looks like a GLOW wrestler from the 1980s named Matilda the Hun.
    If you don’t believe me then check this out:

  21. Eur

    I like it :-)

  22. Venom

    Nasty, did they spackle her ass to get the cottage cheese out of it?

  23. a short haired girl

    cloning and blur tools were used on the right leg, but if you look at her left leg where there’s a shadow, they didn’t even bother.

  24. Denise

    OK this thing is so fake, they honestly think we don;t notice this like we were suppose not notice Michael Jackson nose

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