1. Arms aching…veins bulging…can’t hold much longer…

    I’m certain that nothing about being a professional athlete prepares a man for physical exertion of this magnitude. Lift with your legs Kris! For the love of god lift with your legs!!

  2. Kim's Ass

    Hey can somebody get me a glass of piss to wash down these bikini bottoms?

  3. It had to be said

    Ooops. Asszilla tried to swallow them again!

  4. Cock Dr


  5. Nom nom nom nom nom…me like green panty things! Me eat many more before village people return with pitchforks and fire! Fire bad!!

  6. Squirmy

    Geez you’re gonna lose an arm!

  7. pdan

    Someone needs to tell Atlas there that he’s supposed to be carry the weight of the universe on his *shoulders*…

  8. Claire

    Little Jack Horner sat in the corner….

  9. Good lord, I really want to toss her salad.

  10. timmy the dying boy

    It looks like he’s being attacked by. . . aw, shit, I don’t know wtf is attacking him.

  11. emily

    omg people shut the fuck upp, kim kardashian is beautiful and has a great bodyy and ass.

  12. SCH

    That dude must work out

  13. IHatePoopinAtWork

    This is circus freak material. Just….wrong. With every new picture comes a new twisted angle of repulsion. I’m going to have the screaming shits by the time I hit pic 10.

  14. She has had ass implants people! Her ass is fake like the rest of her. Google Kim Kardashian and butt implants and you will see her before and after her surgery pictures. This surgery runs 15-20 grand and you to can look like Kim. I have plenty of junk in my trunk and I don’t need a surgery like this. Some people where born with asses as flat as pancakes and Kim was one of them. The only Kardashian with a naturally gargantuan ass is Khloe because she is a freak of nature that looks like a GLOW wrestler from the 1980s named Matilda the Hun.
    If you don’t believe me then check this out:

  15. Apparently a nass can go Nomnonom

  16. Something about this photo looks… unhygienic.

  17. Freebie

    She hasn’t had ass implants. What she has done is have fat from her thighs injected into her ass. That’s why nothing shows up on xrays. Unfortunately, the day will come when gravity takes over and that injected fat will travel back to her thighs.

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