1. Hugh Jass

    She’s booty-ful

  2. This is obviously real and unscripted…else Kim never would have violated her “never turn ass towards cameras” rule.

    • Sharkbait

      Nah, she just realized that she was becoming less relevant and let some pictures “slip”

    • timmy the dying boy

      Word, I was just thinking the same thing. Too bad she forgot, that thing is getting more and more terrifying.

  3. philipp

    omg her ass is as big as her torso!

  4. Lo

    are these pictures Photoshopped? I’m sure her ass would have more cottage cheese than that…

  5. Diane

    Her ass is FABULOUS! Totally jealous.

  6. cc

    Appearing on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter…Kim ‘The Heavy Bag’ Kardashian (actually, just her ass).

  7. Sunny

    Her ass is still bigger, and he’s 2ft taller…

  8. anonymoose

    ACK! i can totally see the photoshopping of the backs of her thighs! these 2 should just go join a circus and get out of our way.

  9. Parker

    She’s such a cutie-pie but I like how there’s a View Full Size link on every photo as if that was possible!

  10. stlrapper

    is this an ad for a diaper commercial? they both appear to be wearing one..which is good bc they’re both full of shit

  11. Me

    OMG her asssss!!!?????? she looks like an Hottentote Venus!! someone should check her labias!!

  12. chupacabra

    That is one embarrassing ass. I mean embassassassassing….

  13. Dave Mustaine

    Nasty! THink about the diet she has that created that hideous looking ass. Multiple trips to the washroom for #2.

    How is this Rottweiler famous again? Gross!

  14. Kaywoodie Sucker

    jeezus, I would fuck her standing up just to have the pleasure of setting my beer on her ass while I did.

    That is one incredible ass. How could a man resist it? That is like a 60 point buck, a two headed lion, a midget with 3 tits, a 3 gauge shotgun, a dragster with tits.

  15. SCH

    christ! how do you get an ass that big!

  16. Kaywoodie Sucker

    ~~~christ! how do you get an ass that big!~~~

    with a big fucking diamond ring, i suppose.

  17. Honkey

    It’s like someone filled up a bikini with play dough

  18. mia

    What is this!!?? She looks like a miget with a huuuuuuuuuge ass!!

  19. kristen


  20. She has had ass implants people! Her ass is fake like the rest of her. Google Kim Kardashian and butt implants and you will see her before and after her surgery pictures. This surgery runs 15-20 grand and you to can look like Kim. I have plenty of junk in my trunk and I don’t need a surgery like this. Some people where born with asses as flat as pancakes and Kim was one of them. The only Kardashian with a naturally gargantuan ass is Khloe because she is a freak of nature that looks like a GLOW wrestler from the 1980s named Matilda the Hun.
    If you don’t believe me then check this out:

  21. wasdas

    LOL wtf is up with the shooping on this pic? Her upper thigh looks like my Barbie’s.

  22. dontmess

    She’s still essing with her behind he has it even bigger than before.

  23. dontmess

    She’s still messing with her behind she has it even bigger than before.

  24. Mike Nike

    I am surprised he can lift her with that Giant Ass Mound. Seriously, her ass is fucking hideous. EWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

  25. Frank The Duck

    You could park a Harley Dresser in that crack and it wouldn’t fall over….

  26. WhateverYouSay

    “Hey, here’s LITTLE KIMMY!”

    Is Bruce Jenner BLIND?

  27. sdgdgs

    dat assssss

  28. skunk

    dark side of the moon

  29. Truk

    There is no God.

  30. Heather

    How does she wipe after pooping with an ass that huge? Does she pay elves to do it for her?

  31. Carolyn

    He looks like a Neanderthal.

  32. Mr S

    That is one disgusting arse.

  33. The shadow under her butt is huge! I confess I’m an ass-man, but that is deal killer, even if she was a nice person. Or a non-celeb.

  34. Cin


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