1. AC

    First you think it’s a picture of him lifting her up, and then you realize it’s a picture of him keeping her tethered to this planet, as her ass aspires to transcending this planet’s gravity and establishing its own orbit. It also explains the size of the rock he got her.

  2. Studley Hungwell

    ..gotta pick ‘em up just to say hello-Don’t want no short people ’round here

  3. adolf hitler

    perfect height for me to put my face between her cheeks

  4. S'up Bitches!

    He got tired of pissing on her head, so he decided to try her feet.

  5. Have you ever noticed that we never see Snooki and Kim in the same place at the same time? Just sayin.

    • Jo

      p.s she is so sad, she films everything. i feel sorry for her. she lives such a sad life, none of it is real

  6. IHatePoopinAtWork

    Chili farts make me blast upwards too. Where’s my damn spotter?!

  7. Amy

    this is the cutest thing hahaha

  8. McGruff The Crime Dawg

    You meet someone in a chat room that seems really nice, until he takes you to a beach and makes you feel really uncomfortable. What can you ?

  9. joselizette06njPhillyTri-State

    i m a man.
    tall medium tall however, i do not want a short girl sorry to sum men who have a low self – esteem also like this UGLY man named KRIS HUMPHREY who spent million or 2 mill on KIM short CAKE MAKE UP FACE Kardashian,i am sorry he is so whip. hearing how he is YOUNGER THAN KIM Between six years or more so i see WHY he wilp lmfao. love older women but i will NOT at all date 1 artificial or FAKE like kim. ….. Wigs are cool on some women,sure hair extensions no biggie

    but KIM KARDASH is just a fake,a 1 big butt fake,and her butt in THE PIX HERE are clearly her REAL AZZ. NOT FAKE BUT IS NOT REAL BIG yet in some pix is big makin me realize HE WHIPjust over that nothin else.and is not even that big,he is 1 ugly blk and white mix guy UGLY UGLY and whip= loser


    real women are not like kim type of lady.she has NO CLASSS a good fuck i get it,sure,MAYBE and the SHORT girl do not turn me on,i love one’s heart
    and INDEPENDENT status,that is NOT KIM,and my self? love a tall healthy
    thick shapely taller lady over 5’8 with or without high heels, love a sneaker girl
    and LOW Maintenance,so clear the marriage is as shorten in length watch,
    like kim tiny short height.she is NOT all that and a real man like me who DO
    look great latino, and work three jobs,in college,and GREAT woman late
    30s. almost 40 look barely mid twenties,and the fact she is going for her
    master degree in law show me what a real lady is,NOT like kim kardashian.



    thx for the link my friend.

    yep jose, i agree with each word lmfao.

    your so right…..


  11. rerehehe

    I can no longer deal with being inundated with this inane bullshit, I’m blocking this site from my computer with the hopes that I can regain some of my previous integrity

  12. tom

    in a million years, an advanced civilization will find her carcass and study the fossilized dingleberrys, left in her ass crack for eons; to further understand the diet of primative humans.

  13. MoJoTee

    His chin implant is being attracted by a huge gravitational force!

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