1. Toe Jam

    Don’t worry everyone – The dairy industry has several milking machines on standby, after she delivers.

  2. Toe Jam

    When did drapes become fashionable?


    With all the botox she is really starting to look like Chris. And those tities….momma….gulp,gulp,gulp!

    • I was and did. And was shocked by the price tag. I keep forgetting this fat cow is a multi-millionaire that can spend $3K for a dress she wears once. I still contend she had it on inside out. It didn’t look so weird on the thin model on the website.

  4. I’m pretty sure she’s having twins and one is stashed in each tit.

  5. Sin

    Its fucked up how people hate on her. SHE IS PREGNANT. GIVE HER A FUCKING BREAK. You ever been pregnant? I HAVE AND ITS NOT ALL A WALK IN THE PARK take it from a 17 year old.

  6. We built this city…
    We built this city on rock-and-roll
    Built this city…

  7. colt13

    I want the G-cup pics.

  8. Yoda Mann

    Finally, tits and ass are in proportion.

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