1. Anni

    Which of her thighs is she referring to?

  2. diego

    140 lbs?! I’ll believe that when me shit turns purple and tastes like rainbow sherbet!

  3. 140 pounds, eh? Let me just check my cow pounds to human pounds calculator….

  4. I'mCool

    So she said their guess of 200 pounds was 60 pounds off? I take that to mean she’s 260, not 140.

  5. lala

    She is enormous, but keep in mind she’s very short. 140 is a lot for someone that’s 5’2″.

  6. luara

    Her *SS is 120 lol

  7. cuddles

    I think she’s confusing pounds with kilos again. Common mistake when you’re as “hood” as Kayne’s fetus clearly has to be.

  8. I wonder if Pimp Momma Kris (or the sperm donor) has sold the milking rights yet? forget oil, shes gonna have a pair of gushers…

  9. Well I'll Be

    She’s 5’2″. So it could technically be true, but she’s still a liar. I say she’s closer to 145-150.

  10. Her boobs are about 36E and her ass is XTRA Xtra large. I would say yes she is 5’2″, but she is tipping at the scale at 150+. Yes it is hard to have curves and pregnant, but be realistic. Oh wait, I forgot, this is Kim Kardashian we are talking about.

  11. Auston

    I guess she forgot to weigh her ass…

  12. Lita

    “It says here you weigh 140 lbs. Yeah. IN YOUR BRA!”

  13. The low light on her porn video was because the gravitional pull is so great on that enormous ass, little to no light escapes.

  14. Her stomach was resting on the towel rack when she weighed herself.

  15. Claire

    yes, that would be just her one ass cheek weighing in at that… she wishes she weighs that… her ego alone weighs 1000 pounds!

  16. Kitty

    140 lbs? Just like how she fits into size 0 jeans, paawwwllleeeeassse. What a big ‘f-a-t’ liar. God , she really has the lowest self esteem!

  17. She has to be lying! I’m 5’3″ and weighed 140lbs the day I gave birth to a 10 lb. baby. People said I looked like I had a basketball under my clothes, but looked the same. From behind, you couldn’t tell I was pregnant. Kim is WAY more fat than baby. One tell tale sign is where her belly button sinks into the blubber. Most healthy pregnant women’s belly button pops out from the baby behind it. There’s no way she weighs 140! 200 is my lowest guess.

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