1. That isn’t a nipple. Nipples aren’t on the top part of the boob facing the other boob.

  2. Janice

    Andrea is right. It’s the shadowing of her top, if you compare it to other photos. -_-

  3. Ross

    That’s a tit zit covered over with makeup. Dumbass. I EXPECT REPARATIONS FOR UNFULFILLED HOPE OF NIPPLEAGE. Like, you know, Megan Fox boobies. Mmmmmm. Giggity.

  4. turd da third

    You know some has gotta say, whale on the beach……….

  5. oermens


  6. Dallasun

    You could tell there would be no nipple even when the star was there. Too high up.

    Cheap tactics.

  7. xtina

    Yeah, I’m about done with this site, switching to Dlisted and Egotastic exclusively. Sorry, this site design was all about more clicks, not the fans.


  8. PMG

    Ridiculous. So not a nip-slip. It’s not even close to the right part of the breast. Cheap trick and blatantly false headline.

  9. This is ridiculous. Lame attempt. And the images don’t match the click images. What is wrong with you?

  10. AmericanWhiteTrash

    Is that her gay fashion consultant she travels with?

  11. migher toes

    This site is becoming worse than funnyordie and don’t tell me not to visit it cause I want to

  12. Chris

    every since the web change, i can’t revome the star. any suggestions

    • This site has gone to hell

      same here. And, so many of the previous comments are right on. The post was total bullshit, just like the one about Megan Fox fucking a mannequin.
      This site is PURE CRAP. I’ll stick with dlisted and defamer. These ppl can eat my fart-box.

  13. Guest

    Have they both seriously gone this far for attention? This is just WEIRD. He’s like 16 and she’s like 30 … If he was a girl and she was a guy, people would be up in arms.

    ps, this new site SUCKS.

  14. xMitochondria

    She has been all over him since she first met him.
    Seems to me that not only she likes to make teenage girls jealous with her “assets” but also whoring around with their crush. Come On Kim. I saw your freaking sex tape and now you wanna dig a minor? (Whom I’d totally dig, but I’m 18, hey.) I thought you had more dignity, yeah right.
    And yeah, that’s not a nipple people.

  15. brian

    think pic 3 shows the most cleavage… it is not a nipple in pic 1

  16. Karen

    It Is A Nipple Becuase They Arent Talking About The Little Bump! Look Closely And There Is A Nipple A Little Bit Lower

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