1. killian

    Dude, seriously, why can’t I see the uncensored photo? All I get is the starred pic. It’s like web design 101. Can you fix this shit already?

  2. anoon


  3. anoon

    what i meant was, the star’s not needed. no nip slip

  4. keijo

    yea you have click like million times before the uncensored version opens.
    slightly gay.

  5. thunderstud

    I agree with the others. It’s almost impossible to find the NSFW version of the pic. Can this made easier (like the old site was)?

  6. less_stupid_than_the_rest

    A) You guys are retarded. There’s a link at the top of the page that says “View full size”.

    B) This is not a nipple slip since breasts don’t face inwards like that. It’s just a shadow through the translucent part of the top.

  7. zoomzoom

    dude, you’re getting desperate if you think that’s a nipple. ITS IN THE CENTRE OF HER FRIK’N CHEST!

  8. BUSH


  9. JINX

    all you have to do is click the button that says “View Full Size” and the star is gone lol

  10. angela

    yeah seriously… not a nipple just weird shading… i had to stare at this for a full minute before i realized what you were even talking about because I was looking where the nipple would logically be.

    anyway… for those that can’t figure out how to view full size, you’re retarded.

  11. Rico

    Is anyone else noticing that this site has been posting false or misleading stories lately?

    • cherrycheri

      Yeah, ever since they redesigned they’re posting fake news stories or just inaccurate ones. And a lot of the stories too they have so you have to click on them to see the full story. I think the superficial sold out.

  12. does anybody knows what a nipple is?

  13. That’s an odd place for her nipple to be…

  14. joho777

    What a pig. The new Pamela Anderson. Except Pam actually was a C-level star. for a couple of minutes

  15. Cryusly


  16. Maddy

    I’m almost sure it’s the mesh/chiffon across the cleavage area of her dress sticking to her skin due to water.

    Also there’s something that makes me feel uneasy about this shoot. MIGHT be the fact that she’s 29, he’s 16 and they’re prancing around dripping wet. Can you imagine the uproar if it was a 29 year old male with a 16 year old female? Oof.

  17. That is not a nipple. She does not have a nipple on the side of her boob. Fish dude, you need to get laid. You have to much boob on the brain… Not that it is a bad thing, but you are seeing things

  18. Lindsey

    definitely not a nip slip! It’s a shadow! haha That would be one weird looking boob!!!

  19. Lindsey

    Oh PS- All of you fucktards who can’t figure out how to get the stars off, CLICK FULL SIZE VERSION on the top left corner of the picture! It’s not fucking rocket science.

  20. KC

    no nipple here, just shadows.

  21. gooch

    Maybe it’s a boil. Seriously, guess you guys figured out that “NSFW” = Page Hits.

  22. what the

    The writer is clearly a virgin.

  23. waitingforcodot

    Yeah, totally agree with Lindsey here. Not a nip slip, and REALLY not that hard to get rid of the star.

    How about Common Sense 101, Killian?

  24. Cardinal Fang

    uh, the nipple usually goes on the end of the tit.

  25. Nipply outside

    Hey, “view full size” link takes me back to the top of the home page. I came here for nipples, dammit.

  26. Since website “improved”, I can’t get rid of those damned red stars no matter how many times I click, on either of my two PCs! This never happened before. Nipples are important — are there some settings I should change?

  27. Lili

    okay, that is NOT a nipple. If it is then Kim has a deformed boob-nipples are not in the in-side of the breast…never had sex with a real woman huh? otherwise you would recognize a nipple.

  28. Goodness

    WOW, that is so not a nipple

  29. Bill Thomas

    I think it’s a zit…

  30. Analeigh

    There is no nipple.peeps.
    dont try making stories lyk that…its kind of dumb but..
    NeNe is right she does look V. UNTANNED.

  31. tallytastix

    def just a shadow..why would her nipple be right next to her cleavage??

  32. spamslots

    Dude. Have you never seen real breasts in your life? That’s not a nipple. That’s shadow + refracted light from water.

  33. Jim

    That’s not a nipple, unless Ms Kardashian has nipples on the sides of her breasts.

  34. Slin5569

    As if thats her f’n nippple theres nothing there

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