1. First.

    And when she looks in the mirror, does she get how stupid she looks? I’m guessing the answer is NO.

  2. Referring to the list of links, I thought Yoko was the real life Yoko. Were the 60s real? Actually, from listening to my burnout uncle, I can’t tell.

  3. grimmie

    She looks very much like Lenny Kravitz. I don’t know who that insults more…

  4. ravn

    Dude, Prince with a wig & glasses…

  5. glenn

    what an idiot…unbelievable, by the time she is 35 she will look like Priscilla Presley!

  6. Clyde

    You know what Miss Underwood, us Canadians may be criminals but you have a man face so pfffft.

  7. Calla

    I’m seeing the beginnings of a slight MJ resemblance… creepy.

  8. Looks like she came in first in the blow job contest. Swollen lips and blowers cramp.

  9. bluebottle

    if they look natural, then I’m an astronaut…

  10. eeq

    What the hell is she doing to herself? She was beautiful before but now the more she starts to pump shit in her face and body… Ugh. I’m starting to lose the little interest that I had in her. So sad.

  11. Nicole

    Check out her nose too..what the hell. She ha completely changed her face. She will continue to get the attention she seeks but not for being beautiful.

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