1. Jentilly

    I don’t care how expensive that is or what crappy designer made it, that’s the fugliest bag I’ve seen.

  2. lawn

    That damn bag probably cost more than my house.

  3. ThisWillHurt

    Nothing says “happy couple” like carrying your fiancé’s new clothes for her without the slightest iota of joy.

  4. Bitch is you a hobbit?

  5. JBJJ

    For fucks sake, can’t someone teach him how to tie his god dam shoe laces?

  6. Glad to see that Rob has expanded on his wildly successful sock empire. Take that Louis Vuitton!

  7. Kisses4Katie

    Is that a gay fish I see hiding on the purse?

  8. Eejut

    Which bag is North in?

  9. Kayne

    nothing funnier than a black guy wearing work boots

  10. Oh FFS I’ll bet that Kanye painted that shit himself. That’s an Hermès Birkin Bag and they don’t paint that crap on them. It looks like he painted the Kardashians on it. And Bruce Jenner wearing an angry yoga mask in the background. He wants to be taken seriously as a fashion designer and does that shit?

  11. KC

    “Are you sure North is in one of these bags?”

  12. The Winchester

    What I wanna know is where she got the awesome Star Trek: The Next Generation coat

  13. TayTayTits

    …Is that ET in the lesbian background?

  14. Cher X

    Look for it on eBay after they break up. .00000999% will go to help…some charity….or something.

  15. Claire

    You guuysss this is from Paris so it must automatically be amazing and we much get disgusted at how sexually conservative we Americans are– clearly Kanye and Kim just get it

  16. This bitch will take any kind of attention she can get. Her show’s ratings are at an all time low, so she’s in full desperation mode.

  17. lamuella

    wide, leathery, and looks distinctly second hand. Nice purse though

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