1. Angry Beaver

    Nom nom nom…mmmm…..whoever did her boob job should get a Nobel fuckin’ prize. Dr. Rey is sitting down somewhere giggling like a little girl.

  2. shitting condoms

    i want to climb into her vagina and never return

  3. ac

    OK so you have 50 some odd photos of KK and you make us scroll through 5 images at a time? and then when you click on an image the scroller returns to the beginning? thats just dumb. the other design was better! great post btw

    • yup

      was just about to post this exact thing. i’m also not a fan of having to scroll down to click “view original” on “nude” pictures (read: weird fold in fabric that is starred out for no apparent reason)

      love both kk and christina, keep up the content, but the galleries on the posts needs some work.. or i should say didn’t need any work.

  4. she is nasty she says her breasts are real she means real fake and miss makeup face should come out like that she is ugly without makeup

  5. BigF

    Her boobs sit like my fake boobs. None of my friends know I have fake boobs because I’ve always had huge boobs. ( i just got a boob job when they started to sag in my mid twenties)

  6. Rosma

    Lol, very nice.The part where she (I don’t know her name) dppeord the ball had to be the best.

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