1. melii

    does anyone feel like a peeping tom looking at these pictures… i mean i have big… um… upper body parts and ya nipples tend to chill lower down not on the abundance of skin at the top, of course there’s no nipple to be seen it’s under her bathing suit… GEAZ… mystery solved!!!!

  2. Rasta man

    Her foot appears very wide could be the camera angle , hopefully .

  3. Mandyl

    Geeshh, her feet are ugly and I say in the 4th pic you can tell she has implants. Phoney, lier, fake, etc.

  4. WhyamIhere

    Coming from a thin girl with a natural D cup (so no, I’m not “jealous” of this vapid husk-of-a-woman, nor am I disputing her breasts because she’s relatively slender) her breasts are beyond a doubt fake. Authentic breasts do NOT stand up like that whenever you lay down nor . That being said, why is this woman famous? She’s a joke.

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