1. Bob

    She’s like a cagey ninja when it comes to hiding the backs of her thighs. Either that or these are pre-arranged “candids”.

  2. vitobonespur

    Those aren’t particularly attractive pictures of either of them. Is that some sort of guarded compound where celebrities can be shielded from the hoi polloi?

    I liked the Amazon blonde in the background of picture #17.

  3. Layout blows

    Looking at the pictures is a pain in the ass. Excellent work screwing up the site. Get the monkey to change it back.

  4. turd da 3rd

    New picture format sucks… why do you have to make it complicated?

    • yup

      there are 3 ways to view one picture at a time. the arrows above the pictures, clicking the pictures or the stupid gallery viewer or whatever that thing is. how about a proper gallery view instead of redundancy?

  5. Forearms Like Popeye


    x2! Like dueling banjos

  6. Mama Pinkus

    she looks gross

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