1. suck it

    ewww kanye… totally fugly

  2. GrandDragon

    If Kim is 5’2″, does that make Kanye about 5’5″?

    • Sandra

      @haroos lol u dont know shit, how in the world is ur country and isearl good? think about it, u do hostile take overs all over the world for their oil and u kill thousands of innocent people, and when 9/11 occurs u blame us?? how do u think we feel, ur stupid imperial pig country kills millions of our innocent people before 9/11 and u still do after it, i really hope russia and china kick your ass for good this time

  3. YoMamma

    Seriously – who the fuck wears a pleather spaghetti strapped mini dress to a basketball game? And, what is that a chiclet, a tooth, or a grill KW is about to spit out?

  4. spartacus


  5. That body of hers is banging.

  6. Bobin

    “No Kim you can’t be a Laker Girl, you will kill a bitch in the pyramid”.

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