1. “Girrrl, that’s more Nuggets than are out on the court.”

  2. Frank Burns

    I see two things that look like asses.

  3. FattyMcGee

    “You know, if this works out, you could make some serious cash as a professional beard”, said both to each other.

  4. Spartacus


  5. shelby

    her makeup looks so orange and disgusting.

  6. skwizna

    This is so disgusting. How does Octomom pay for all this shit?!

  7. judd

    2 words – mud shark

  8. bearandbu

    Christ, I hope pregnancy doesn’t make her ass get big.

  9. Mickey01232000

    Oh good, just what the world needs offspring from these two!

  10. Josephus

    I’m sorry, I know we’re supposed to make smart-ass jokes and all, but like, I mean…those tits! I feel like Shitbreak and the dude from “Numbers” in that scene in Harold & Kumar.

  11. Offer

    Mom, how did you become famous? What does blow job mean?

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