1. Butt plugger

    Octomom 2.0


    Limp Dicker

  3. Chris

    I still foresee a ‘miscarriage’ – I think she’s just gaining weight – - – ANY ‘average’ weight or smaller, newly pregnant woman will have a bump in her lower belly, not the whole thing – she already looks 6 months pregnant. Compare her ‘baby belly’ to just about any other celeb ‘new’ bump… Sorry, I’m not buyin’ this.

  4. contusion

    Going to be gigantic? When wasn’t she?

  5. Fetus – “Abort mission! Abort!” (I kid, I kid…I’m sure it will be a lovely Kanim baby. *eye roll*)

  6. s'longfatass

    Good. Lets see her get huge and fat and gross so those morons who think she’s “hot” will be so turned off we won’t have to see the vapid pig anymore.

  7. mark

    Why not take photos of her and her family and not cover non events like her pregnancy to some dickhead while she’s still technically married? If all of the paps stopped covering them, they’d go away.

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