1. jay

    She is freakin hot

  2. lovebigass

    I’d kiss massage lick Bone Slap LOVE THAT ASS !

  3. asslover

    i´d lick her ass before fucking ur butt baby

  4. jacko

    Thank u for your ass babe this masturbation is only for you

  5. asslovr

    i wud cum all in that ass…..makes me wanna beat my meat right now

  6. Crabby Old Geezer

    I’d eat a mile of shit just to bite it off at her ass!

  7. racer

    i would LOVE to watch a turd come out of her ass! also i would wipe her ass with my finger

  8. racer

    can yo imagine 69ing her? :) licking her vagina while she blows farts in your face! mmmmmmm mex food farts coming out of her anus.

  9. racer

    I wonder if Kim ever leaves poop stains on the ass part of her thong?

  10. racer

    I want to be Kim’s personal bathroom ASSistant. This means wiping her ass after she poops. Also if she stains her thong, i would put her over my lap and spank her. I would need a LARGE paddle.

  11. racer

    I wonder how big Kim’s last turd was
    Ill bet she leaves brown stains on her bikinis.

  12. racer

    i would eat that turd

  13. jackcash

    I’d lick her hole

  14. miami305

    i would lick that crack all day thank God for Kim K i’d tap that all day i’d love to get a lap dance from her

  15. racer

    I would take Kim to lunch at McDonalds, and have her eat a big mac with large fries…..ill bet the next day her turd would be 12 inches long

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