1. Kenny

    I would bury myself in that, implanted or not.

  2. sea

    Grotesque ass

  3. Danny

    That’s huge.

    It’s much too wide for her shoulders.

    That’s the kind of butt they love in the hood.

  4. mike nike

    That is fucking disgusting.

  5. Bj

    Her swimsuit is trying so hard to cover that small planet… poor lil guy.

  6. This remains one of my favourite photos of all time. I don’t care. I just don’t care.

  7. i wonder y she curious over her butts.

  8. tukageroshi

    oh man oh man! i would still stick my d*** in that ass.. haha!

  9. Mz. Terry

    That ass aint real, look at the lines under her ass on this bikini pic. they are not natural …. Neither does that ass shot match the ass shot when she was was naked top and black c through panties with her back turned. NOW THATS HER REAL ASS!!!

  10. i would stick my tongue in her asshole and my cock…yumm

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