1. linds

    1. F this shit, I am still paying off the MRI I had to have done for a concussion, which is a legitimate medical condition. Being a fat ass is not.

    2. Can someone in the medical field please comment on this? It looks like the entire thing consists of bone…

  2. Laredo

    No details are visible. That’s is the worst quality X-ray I’ve ever seen. Not a proof of anything.
    But even it is her real ass, she is a worthless piece of talentless crap.

  3. Cameron

    That looks like a breast to me…

  4. ray

    it looks like it is either made of bone or its her breast. didn’t know xrays could take pictures of fat.

  5. rachell

    Why would she take an unneeded xray if she’s with child? Isnt that dangerous for her spawn? I’m calling bs.

  6. Jess

    She has a fat ass. She is not good looking. How does she stay in the news?!

  7. Satan

    The problem with America is people can become famous for doing nothing and having no talent what so ever.

  8. Um…why would someone x-ray their ass? Did she lose a Hotwheels car at Ryan Dunn’s wake?

  9. cheeri-o

    You can not see the scan close enough to distinguish the bones. with radiography, you should be able visualize every vertabrae. She just looks like an idiot trying to defend her giant ass. Yes, we get it Kim, your ass is gigantic. Anyone who eats twinkies everyday can obtain the same result. Not something to be so proud of.

  10. SIN

    I have had too many X-Rays for my liking. NEVER has muscle or fat givin an image like the one she is showjng. Just the Fame Whore lying to all you morons who want to believe her.

  11. Roxy

    Stupid lame ass whore.

  12. d

    dear loser kim… fat injections wouldn’t show up as contrast in an xray.

  13. bender

    who cares if its real or not?? looks good to me haha

  14. Nicole Smith

    Stupid whore

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