1. When she talked about he Psoriasis she was very sad. Looks kinda happy & carefree in this one. Sort of like pissing on his grave (which he would deserve after getting OJ off).

  2. bassackward

    This “woman” is just a fame whore…PERIOD! I really don’t know why the media continues to cover this fucking cunt!

    She brings the media to the cemetary? REALLY?? ANd the paps are just as bad for taking her pics…

    WTF is wrong with people today? Cemetaries are solemn places, places for respect, honor, and PRIVACY!

  3. it really is sad. the more people watch her program and the more money she gets…she is losing touch with the real world. she will never truly be happy and that is too bad.

  4. I just think it’s highly disrespectful of the dead to film scenes in a cemetary. If I could get just one wish granted, it would be that the millions of fans that the Kardashians have would wake up, smell the coffee, and see that it’s all contrived, fake bullshit that this Family is spewing out. They’re going to be around for a long time, unfortunately, Kim’s skin-flakes and Kris’s Depends and all.

    Ugh. :/

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