1. Toe Jam

    We project baby bump will show in the 9th month.

  2. Jentilly

    So she’s going to hide under jackets for the next several months?

  3. karlito

    somebody please get this twat and her ugly family out of the news. who cares that she’s bringing Satans spawn unto the world.

  4. crystal

    This is just an illusion where is the baby stomach. Kim has been photograph this size before. I do not see a pregnant woman maybe when she is six months along she will have a baby stomach, but for now I do not believe she is pregnant. You can wear suit jackets and sweathers around the waist to make a person that is fat look pregnant. I do not put anything pass the Kadashians specially the mother Kris & Kim. Kanye need to be careful these two women are up to no good. He may think he got the upper hand, but he needs to pay close attention to how Kim is and her mother are playing Kris Humphries. These women are snakes.

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