1. brick

    Ruined my lunch!

  2. Dr. Monkeypants

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

  3. truth

    are you guys on crack? her body looks AMAZING..flat stomach big ass and big both are either jealous whores or fruity men.

    • Kip


    • tom

      You forgot: no brain, high maintenance

    • No, we just don’t want to be on THAT pissed-on crack. If Kanye’s hitting it makes him a man, then I’m proud to be an entire fruit salad.

    • Mr T

      NO the TRUTH is she is a pathetic narcissist and has allowed K to turn her into a CHEESY CARTOON. I pity the fool.

      • T wannabe, her mother turned her, along with the rest of her uterine droppings, into a CHEESY CARTOON long before Kanye came along. She was not deluded or conned into it, she was a willing participant So stop making excuses for her and quit blaming it on some Kanye-come-lately.

        The fact that he happens to love his Cheetos in a big-ass bag is another story.

    • I agree, calling her fat or ugly only means 2 things…these people are either jealous females or gay men.

      • She’s not naturally ugly, she puts a lot of effort into looking like the grease-paint wearing, fat-assed, butt-crack flashing, shameless whore you see undeniably in the photos above.

  4. Arzach

    It’s a shame this girl is such a lazy ass, have her worked out she would have had an incredible body,.

  5. Ronaldo

    From this angle she does look good.

  6. This the money shot, her ass looks great haters lol

  7. Okay, snark break. That’s a great angle.

  8. anon

    she is gross and getting worse with every pic

  9. Bunu Yazan Tosun

    Karının götü bu açıdan muazzam görünüyor, o ne kıvrım öyle, “hey ben buradayım diyor sanki”

  10. C.J.

    I agree with Lola, I don’t give a damn I’d have to dick her down.

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