1. YTBOY

    Very bad choice Kim. Not a good look today.

    • She was wearing panties when she went out today, but once her vaginal juices touched cotton, that was all she wrote! Did you ever see flash paper, like bookies use, when a match touches it? Whoosh…it’s gone.

  2. jus sayin

    She is a size 8 in the waist, size 14 in the ass, size 8 in the thighs….wearing a size six dress, what the fuck did she think was gonna happen when she put that on!?

  3. Kim’s a shoe-in for the preparation H audition.

  4. TheListener

    Nice booty. But if a girl wants to go commando under her dress or skirt and assuming she doesn’t want to flash everyone, she should make sure the skirt or dress is not too short, not too tight, or not too revealing. Otherwise, everyone’s going to get a nice look at her goodies.

  5. Norma Man

    Don’t understand why she’s hated so much. Every time I see her I’m happily reminded that I have Testosterone!

  6. beverly

    Why is she still looking like it will go away? She makes no sense at all. I don’t get it.

  7. I haven’t been a fan, but that’s yummy!

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