1. Allright, Fish, what’ll it take to get you to stop posting about this nasty skank?

  2. Dude of Dudes

    I admire the use of conservative Victorian dress with good old fashioned whorish values. Its like a naked fox hunt but everyone’s wearing a top hat to keep it classy.

  3. I remember when Sears was more about Craftsman® 22-Drawer Tool Storage towers than nipples of questionable authenticity.  Ah, the salad days.

  4. mark

    What a skank.

  5. Sparky

    desperation defined

  6. TheListener

    Okay, you have to admit she has nicely shaped large breasts, but does this girl realize you can see EVERYTHING? Both the shirt AND the bra are sheer. If you’re going to have a sheer top, you shouldn’t wear a sheer bra unless you want people to see everything you’ve got up top.

  7. LowFlyR

    TheListener, Duh!!

  8. fuck off, losers

    You assholes bitch about a lack of tits on this site, now you have tits and you’re all complaining about it?

  9. popwilleatitself

    So much orange makeup, so little time.

  10. Skanks4Life

    I fucking LOVE her

  11. Burt R

    They match her huge ass.

  12. Tomfoolery

    Imagine if she wore the recent Adrienne Bailon see-through underwear to complete the ensemble.

  13. spartacus


  14. Scott Disick's Love Child

    Jesus fucking christ, that is nasty.

  15. “Transformers 4″ is a success, because Michael Bay’s vision of the characters is tuned in like never before. Plus, it has robot nipples.

  16. anonym

    look at that face.

    that’s what 45 year olds look like after too much plastic surgery.

    she looks like a monkey in this photo.

    I can’t tell who’s better looking…….. kim, or her mom

  17. Luopis

    Wtf at the size of those nipples

  18. perpendick

    why can’t we downvote kimmie poo? or gwenneth (whatev )?

    why the fuck can’t we do that?

    it worked with that vietnamese twat, um, what’s her name?

    i want them to go away now, please make the bad girls go away now. they are long past their 15 minutes and are treading on mine…

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