1. reinhard heidrich

    why does this pig cunt mud person even get invited on Leno??? does the mother cunt have pictures of Leno in drag with her alleged husband??? she should be tied up, have her fucking belly slit open and let wild boars feed on her entrails….just a thought….

    • Y’know, if you’re going to go the “mud person” moronic white supremacy shit route and post under the name of the Obergruppenf├╝hrer you adore, you really oughta know that an intellectual deficiency, such as an appalling lack of grammar skills and not being able to spell Heydrich’s name correctly, probably would have bought you a very nice little tour of Berlin in ’40. Of course, it would have been in the back of a really special van, one that had the exhaust rerouted to the interior, but hey, that’s the true price of hero worship.
      Just a thought.

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