1. Grinder

    How? Why? Every pervert who is into BLACK on GREEK sex and/or GOLDEN SHOWERS owns a copy.

  2. Grinder

    Let’s see. Her new huband admited – AFTER the wedding – that he DID NOT KNOW that she was married once before when she was 19. Let me guess. Her husband does not know ther is a sex tape out there in public where a 3rd class black rapper urinates on her (pisses on her)? HAHAHAHAHA

    • No.

      it wasn’t after, it was way before. during one of the first episodes of the show. which were filmed half a year ago.

  3. Keeks

    WHY THE FUCK is she dressed like it’s 10 below outside??… Da fuck man?

  4. wtf

    Phony ass bitch. Goes from no makeup to a full face of makeup. She must keep her makeup artist hidden in that fucking ass.

  5. I love how she tries to look so important. I cannot wait until the stop taking photos of this fat ass bitch walking around, so she’ll vanish into the nothing that she is.

  6. Soupofdefish

    Roo Poo urine makes for big butts, now all non black women will be begging to be pissed on. I for one have just opened a business with my best Roo Poo friend who will be performing this procedure for a reasonable fee. All I need is lots of beer and we are off. Counting chickens before they hatch, just a lil bit…

  7. Josh

    Why haven’t vivid released everything? They would make stacks of cash from it. Perhaps they held the worst bits always in the hope that kim would buy them back at an inflated cost to stop the public seeing them. FYI, there was no golden shower included in the released tape, so nobody has ever seen it. I want it to get released now at the height of her fame and watch all her endorsements vanish.

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