1. I guess when the whole world has seen you double fisted gargling a 10″ cock, concepts like “modesty” and “dignity” are pretty abstract.

  2. yumm

    aggggggggggggggg she tried too much to push all those f*king meats in that f*king ugly fabrics .

  3. Amazed

    It’s gotten to be vile, just vile.

  4. Big Earl

    Simply not hot. Just not. Sorry.

  5. Martin Wenga

    The Kardashians are all very fat and ugly. I wonder where they get their confidence from. If I looked like Kim, I would hide in my flat all day.

  6. FYI, it is freezing here. I’m wearing a Canada Goose coat, you know, the ones mountain men in the Artic wear? Broad is now well. Starting to feel sorry for her. Everyone has used her, bad. Her father was the only person that cared about her and shove it with the OJ defense, I have a point to make. This broad has been used and abused and although she is not very bright to fully comprehend that everyone right down to that talentless hack, Krapye, is using her like a piece of meat for a buck or a brag, I am sure she cant be too happy inside because she must feel she is not really cared for by anyone. Dammit, how did I go from the weather to this?

  7. jizzmaster j

    all y’all’s jealous that a brutha like kanye gets to fill that up on the daily

  8. Lorna

    She looks healthy and beaitiful. Her boobs and hips are lovely. I don’t like the tacky top. But she is sexy. I think racist white men are jealous. They hate to see the more volumptous white beauties with black men…I am a black woman with curves btw. Not fat with hour glass figure. I cannot belueve anyone would think I am fat? I am built simikiar to Kim K. I am slightly thinner because i didnt just have a baby. But to me she looks beautiful. I am nit sure i like her attention seeking ways but she is gorgeous. Most women wish they had her curves.. I dont consider her fat? You guys must be gay and dont like women? I get so many compliments from straight men…of all colors.

  9. Whatever

    Peh, finally someone that is worse at rapping/singing/whatever you call it, and video editing like me!

    Wait… That was supposed to be good…? WTF?

    (I actually think she is contouring her HANDS….!)

  10. Monstrous Mammaries are all that matter!

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