1. skunk

    she wants his black dick on a platter

  2. Uncle Phil

    “Guys, seriously. I don’t have a ‘type.’ I don’t know why people are always saying that.”

  3. Rico Jones

    This “volunteer” work looks like nothing more than a photo op.

    • karlito

      of course it’s a photo op. do you think this selfish, naracisstic bitch cares about anybody but herself. he ego is bigger than her ass. now if she would only stay down there for the rest of her life she would make the rest of us happy.

  4. It turns out that “A Very Special Kim Khloe Kourtney Christmas” wasn’t testing out to be as popular with the Black Community as they’d hoped.

  5. Mike701

    “Rowwrrr!’ He can pee on me anytime!” “Uhmmm Miss Kardashian? You’re drooling.”

  6. Ray Jay

    “OOOOhhhhh Ray Jay pee on me” says Kim

  7. Bluebeard

    As always, there is some black guy at the front, saying it all with his urine stains…

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