1. Frida's boss

    A money shot, indeed.

  2. No doubt she split em before she got home

  3. look a the bitches laughing in the background…

  4. ARGH

    Hugs? Pampers? You make the call.

  5. blonde

    People still wear leather pants??

  6. Emilay

    it doesn’t matter how high of heels you wear kim, your ass is still going to be all we’re staring at.

  7. Tracey

    haha 2 funny. Shes huge in them pants.

  8. Champ

    Nasty, just a chunky sloppy mess spilling all over the place.

  9. TracyJ

    Much like a fat man in a speedo… some styles should be avoided by some body types. :(-

  10. Pank

    ewwwwwww… not if that is not the most diaper looking FAKE ass, I don’t know what it is… she needs to go in for a tune up or better yet a SHAPE up.. that is a mess.

  11. Melchor

    That’s a huge ass!

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