1. Snooki's Taint

    Whoops! forgot to the photshop option to go with those pants Ms. Kardasian.

  2. At least this pic you don’t have to look at that stupid orange mug

  3. Satan's bitch

    Ok, I’ll play your guessing game… A pair of bowling balls wearing tights?

  4. chris breezy boxing academy

    it took two cow asses to make 1 leather kardashian ass

  5. Storm

    Her ass looks like a BF Goodrich tire without the tread pattern.

  6. is this one of those “people of Wal-Mart” photo’s?

  7. blt

    Finally!, Dash decided to break into the lucrative adult diaper business!

  8. Hugh Gentry

    that must be some kevlar stitching.

  9. Calls to Rough's reps were not immediately returned

    Id plant a flag on that, like our boys did back in Iwo Gima. I think a prop one will be fine in this case.

    • Calls to Rough's reps were not immediately returned

      Well this comment certainly seems insensitive in consideration of recent events.

      To redeem myself, not only will I donate to the Red Cross, I will also open my heart and home to hot Japanese chicks that has been displaced, in exchanged for Japanese lessons, preferably under the covers during bed time…

    • Calls to Rough's reps were not immediately returned

      Ma always says that I i had a good heart…

  10. flo's flo

    Good thing she carries her travel pack of jumbo wet wipes.

  11. Mel Gibson

    I feel bad for whoever knocks this pig up….thats gonna get a whooole lot sloppier….

  12. JH88

    Is the option to “view full size” supposed to be a joke?

  13. Carl

    Michelle Obama’s ass looks better than that shapeless blob of playdough. Who would want to see that waddling to the bathroom in the morning?

  14. HumpinFrog

    The leather gives her boucy house ass a slant. I think she could shit standing up now!

  15. Never thought i'd say this...

    Paris Hilton was right, it does look like a hefty bag full of cottage cheese.

  16. See Alice

    I can’t believe the level of deformity . She is circus freak show ready .

  17. jen

    jerri blank booty!

  18. shilla

    ugh, nasty.

  19. DrunkRussian

    Now I’m Jonesn’ for mashed potatos. With lumps. Not sure why.

  20. Myclamisaninnie



  21. Wow. Look at the size of that ass. So what time does the movie start and where do I park? I love the “drive-in” theater…

  22. john

    And those shoes, how tacky can she get?

  23. mikeysnow


  24. Elle

    Only thing I can think of is a truck backing up noise

  25. Roxi

    one word…. UGLY!

  26. Double D

    The only way to get a piece of leather that bit was by cloning a brontosaurus.

  27. Double D

    The only way to get a piece of leather that big was by cloning a brontosaurus.

  28. Pill

    A thousand pounds of shit in a four thousand pound bag

  29. bid big

    reminds me of the blazzing Saddles movie..should have a yes or no on each side

  30. Right on! I knew someday they’d bring back the bean bag chair!

  31. cc

    Fecal incontinence is no laughing matter.

  32. DashDoll

    WOW you are all SO mean! These are hurtful and insensitive comments..unneccessary. You are all prob fat fucks sitting behind your laptop staring at pics of rando celebs. Losers.

  33. smurfporn

    girrl ya need to work out & stop dependin’ on photoshop…
    lawd if she takes them 6inch heels off that ass will hit the floor ..
    abig fat ass needs legs …
    not cool no way no how on a lil’ plastic smurf …she ugly as hell …whew !

  34. James

    Oprhas A$$?

  35. LM

    Yes virgina this is what happens to your ass when you bang alot of black pro athletes. But the side effects are you become rich.

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