1. Maeby

    yeesh. not the most flattering things, are they?

  2. swalt

    Why is this reminiscent of how they make sausages?

  3. Jillia

    Good Lord, Kim. Don’t you know that short girls with huge hips/ass should never wear skinny cut pants/jeans. So unflattering…

    • Elaine

      SO TRUE. I love how she says she has “chicken legs.” With the size of that ass, there is no way she fits in a size 2!

  4. I bet that cowhide thought it was back home!

  5. DiddyK

    “Does my ass look big in these? Be honest.”

  6. Is the leather strangling her butt so tightly that it is actually making it deflate?

  7. f*ck2rock2

    But what kind of shoes do hookers wear anymore? All these ladies wearing hooker shoes now, what do they wear when it’s sexy time? And wearing hooker shoes just to go shopping? I guess it ain’t no thing when you are chauffeured to the door? But why does everyone want to wear hooker shoes? Oh wait, I think I get it, she IS a hooker?

  8. Vegan

    Is leather cut from animals whilst theyre still alive? Or if that just fur. Fur is cut from live animals (dogs, cats, racoons, foxes, rabbits, mink)… often fake fur from china is actually real fur.
    I hope it’s pleather as celebrities advertise, dimwits copy

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